paradox of wood

In a world where mass production rules the market and technology is the king, we find ourselves bored by the beautiful; faking plastic with treated wood, mocking lumber with plastic. This lamp, CORE, is about being truthful to the material emphasizing its imperfections, which aggregate a fascinating element to the light effect, which no other material can: authenticity.

At first glance, there's the surface, the visually evident: it is a lamp of a cilindrical form, made out of wood. 
Then, there's what this surface represents: the use of a manufactured material as a shield to the light bulb, the core of the lamp. Made using layers of reclaimed hardwood and plywood, which were cut in rough-edged layers to symbolize the imperfections of core of a tree, were the wood comes from. Layers of wood are structurally stacked surrouding the lightbulb and attached in strategic areas so they can be moved and reveal more or less surface of the lightbulb, according to the needs and desires of the user.