Submited to the IF STUDENT DESIGN COMPETITION - Germany 2015


a revolutionary sponge,

inspired by the antibacterial properties of the lemon, the freshness of towels and free-style hand gestures. I redesigned a popular kitchen sponge to a dishwashing tool to facilitate an anti-hygienic cleaning process. Regular sponges are the dirtiest item in the kitchen. In fact, they are 200.000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, carrying more than 10 million bacteria per square inch: the perfect environment for yeast and mold to multiply. Yet, we associate them with cleanliness and hygiene, ironic, isn't it?

-A flexible polypropylene body, which comes flat and is folded (handheld, fixed component)
-Replaceable sponge-pads are inserted through the die-cuts in its front (disposable component)
-The disposable-pad system is designed to prevent the storage of germs and odors usually harbored in standard kitchen sponges, and avoid the growth of yeasts and molds.