Contestant in the IES NYC Student Lighting Competition 2014 - The theme for the competition - A LIGHT TOUCH - asking students if they could 'touch with their eyes' and consider how light conveys the sensation of touch. 


interactive light installation,

my personal reaction to the nationwide protests in Venezuela, my home-country, during 2014, where students took over the streets demanding better security and freedom of speech. It is the proof that simple minds [and shapes] can reveal complex reactions when exposed to light. The viewer is an active participant. by controlling the movement of the source of light, the colors and shapes projected in the shadows are altered. It transforms the environment to a dynamic experience, where the viewer is given the opportunity to explore a spectrum of shapes and colors by moving the source of light. The use of translucent materials is to achieve the Moire Effect, a visual effect that occurs when elements differing in size or shape are superimposed one on another.