lightweight beauty,

a three-dimensional composition based on the movement in space of butterflies. This piece emphasizes the delicacy and lightness of the insect's wings in harmony with its spline-curved anthenas, which transition from the body and wings as a contrasting, linear element. Prior to the final construction of the piece, I did paper sketches to explore the proportions and interaction of the planes based on analytic studies of butterflies by Venezuelan artist Rafael Araujo, personal sketches depicting the dynamic movements in two-dimensions. The choice of museum board as the material for the final construction is due to its similarities with the butterfly's wings and accuracy to reflect the insect's qualities: both are lightweight, fragile with a limited life-period. The two appear to be flat surfaces, yet when in movement, bend with such subtly that can permeate spaces with energy and interesting negative spaces.

Early  Sketches

Final Piece